Guy Goldstein, visual artist and musician, was born in 1974 in Haifa, Israel.
He currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv.
Goldstein Holds MFA degree from The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (2005-2007).
He studied visual communication and teachers training in Wizo Haifa, Academy of art & design (1997-2001).
Goldstein's works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs in Europe (Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Belgrade, Paris, Prague, Helsinki, Brussels, Warsaw, Copenhagen and more) as well as in Israel and USA (New York, Chicago and Washington DC).
His works are in major public and private collections in Israel and abroad.
Among his major shows are the O.R.B in Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel, 2014, Transcription of Blue in AU Museum in Kazen Art Centre in Washington DC, 2015, Yes/No Questions in Hertzliya Museum, Israel, 2013, Pavilion 0, 55th Venice Biennale, 2013, Propagation in KW, Berlin, 2014, Absolute Pitch, 2015 in Školská 28 Gallery, Prague.
He rewarded the prestigious Israeli Minister of Culture Award, 2012 and The Israeli Ministry of Culture Award for Young Artist in 2007.
Goldstein is the director of the Visual Communication Department at Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem.
He was teaching art and design at Wizo Academy, Haifa Israel (2001-2007), Musrara, The Naggar School of Art, Jerusalem (2006-2007), Aschola, Tel Aviv (2002-2004) and Studio 6B, Tel Aviv (2010 and on).
Guy is a bass player, member of the Israeli post-punk band - "Reines Girls"

Artist Statement

As both a visual artist and musician, I am fascinated by the transitions between forms - attempts to convert actions from one medium to another, specifically between the visual and sonic. The relationships between sound and image in my work are rarely linear or teleological, and the process of transition between them is crucial, including chance or human mistake involved. I often employ a cyclical logic, in which each form is an impetus for another kind of form, as a means of investigating the mechanics and emotions of perception. In its malleable shapes, the information at the core of each piece gains an essential presence, though it is no longer readable in its original format.

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Representation in Israel: www.kerenbargil.com